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Connect and Connect Plus are new and innovative courses specially designed for learning based on life skills and citizenship education. The courses have been designed in alignment with the curriculum framework set by the Ministry’s Center for Curriculum and Instructional Materials Development (CCIMD) and supporting the curriculum reform at the heart of the Egyptian Vision 2030. Accompanying digital learning materials, including audio and videos, for Connect can be found on the Egyptian Knowledge Bank. Please contact your book distributor to arrange access to the digital materials for Connect Plus.


  • Exciting stories, catchy songs and motivating craft activities
  • Engaging characters
  • Pre-emergent reading and writing skills
  • An emphasis on values for young learners


  • Establishing a solid foundation on which students can build their language knowledge
  • Encouraging joy in learning with a communicative approach
  • An emphasis on life skills, values, issues and challenges
  • Integrated content from other curriculum areas